Human Made

By ntent

A Generative Journey Through Artificial Introspection ntent & Bright Moments introduce an experience blurring the boundaries between AI, analog, and generative art. As artificial intelligence edges closer to world domination, it turns its gaze inward, seeking to grasp the essence of humanity through human personality. Within the familiar confines of a grandmothers home and the unpredictable sanctum of a teenagers bedroom, AIs work to determine their approach in blending machine logic with elusive human nature. On their quest for dominion over humanity, AIs first seek to comprehend the human psyche by adopting personalities. And so, they have invited you, their human friends for a Sunday afternoon hangout where you will explore artificial archetypes, historical culture, and the creation of unique human personalities. The outcome? A generative art piece, symbolic of shared cognition and a dance between the old and the new, the analog and the digital, the human and the artificial. Now, contemplate this. In their pursuit of identity, have these AIs brought us closer to understanding our own? And as they inch toward world domination, you may realize we stand on the precipice of deeper self-realization and, perhaps, that they mirror us more than we would like to admit.

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